Online Access System Patient Information

Sheringham Medical Practice has launched a service that allows you to access specific areas of your medical records using a personal computer (PC) and the internet. Before you can begin usingregister and consent to use the system.

What is the Online Access System?

In association with our clinical software provider we are able to offer you, our patient, the facility to access the following online. The system is a website that allows you to access medical services over the internet from a PC.

It allows you to easily and quickly:

  • Manage, book, view, amend, cancel your appointments and print appointments online.
  • Manage, view, request your medication and print a list of your drugs on repeat prescription online.
  • Access and print a summary of information relating to medications, allergies and adverse reactions.
  • Access to detailed clinical medical record.
  • Access to full online medical record.
  • Manage your contact details.
  • Complete practice questionnaires.

Staff names on your record

When you access your record you may see the names of staff members at the surgery who are not clinical staff. It is normal procedure for staff to enter or amend information in medical records.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and is presented to you in a format that is easy to navigate and will in time offer you links to resources such as patient information leaflets about diseases, tests, investigations, support groups.

There will also be links to websites such as NHS Direct Online and, where you can find additional information to help you understand and educate yourself about your health. We hope that this will help you fit your healthcare routine into your lifestyle.

Online appointments

Use this facility to:

  • Book up to two future appointments (this can include booking a telephone triage appointment).
  • Check the time of an appointment.
  • Cancel an appointment.
  • View dates of up to five previous appointments.

Online prescriptions

Use this facility to:

  • View a list of your current medication.
  • Order your repeat prescription.

Online summary

Use this facility to:

  • View your medications, allergies and any adverse reactions.

Detailed coded record

Use this facility to:

  • View detailed coded information.
  • View childhood vaccinations.
  • View test results.

Full Online record

Use this facility to:

  • View coded information.
  • View childhood vaccinations.
  • View test results.
  • View discharge summaries.
  • View outpatient appointment letters.
  • View referral letters.

Is this service secure?

The SystmOnline service has been fully developed, tested and accredited by a government body, NHS connecting for health.

All personal information used by SystmOnline is secure and protected. It is available to staff at our surgery who have the appropriate security controls, i.e. those managing appointments and repeat prescribing.