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Sheringham Medical Practice

Sheringham Medical Practice

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Sheringham Medical Practice Online Access System Patient Information Leaflet 2017


Sheringham Medical Practice has launched a service that allows you to access specific areas of your medical records using a personal computer (PC) and the internet. Before you can begin using the Online Service System we require you to register and consent to use the system.


What is the Online Access System?

In association with our clinical software provider we are able to offer you, our patient, the facility to access the following online.  The system is a website that allows you to access medical services over the internet from a PC. It allows you to easily and quickly


  • Manage, book, view, amend, cancel your appointments and print appointments online
  • Manage, view, request your medication and print a list of your drugs on repeat prescription online
  • Access and print a summary of information relating to medications, allergies and adverse reactions
  • Access to detailed clinical medical record
  • Access to full online medical record
  • Manage your contact details
  • Complete Practice Questionnaires

The 2015/16 GP contract has been enhanced and now stipulates that practices are also to allow patients:


  • Detailed Coded Records Access (DCRA)
  • Full Online Record


Staff names on your record 

When you access your record you may see the names of staff members at the surgery who are not clinical staff. It is normal procedure for staff to enter or amend information in medical records.


The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and is presented to you in a format that is easy to navigate and will in time offer you links to resources such as patient information leaflets about diseases, tests, investigations, support groups. There will also be links to websites such as NHS Direct Online and Patient.co.uk where you can find additional information to help you understand and educate yourself about your health.  We hope that this will help you fit your healthcare routine into your lifestyle.


On-Line Appointments 

 Use this facility to:

  • Book up to two future appointments (this can include booking a telephone triage appointment)
  • Check the time of an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment
  • View dates of up to five previous appointments



On-Line Prescriptions 

 Use this facility to:

  • view a list of your current medication
  • order your repeat prescription



On-Line Summary

Use this facility to: 

  • view your medications, allergies and any adverse reactions 


Detailed Coded Record

Use this facility to:

  • view detailed coded information
  • view childhood vaccinations
  • view test results


Full On-Line Record

Use this facility to:

  • view coded information
  • view childhood vaccinations
  • view test results
  • view discharge summaries
  • view outpatient appointment letters
  • view referral letters


Is this Service Secure? 

The SystmOnline service has been fully developed, tested and accredited by a government body – NHS Connecting for Health.


All personal information used by SystmOnline is secure and protected.  It is available to staff at our Surgery who have the appropriate security controls, i.e. those managing appointments and repeat prescribing.


Online Detailed Coded Record Patient Information and Full online Record

Patient Access has been in use in the Practice for some years now and many of our patients are happily using it to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions over the internet.


We have now extended the facilities offered using this system.


We now have the option to open up areas of your medical record for you to view using the same system, Patient Online access.


If you are not registered for Patient Online access, you will need to read ‘How do I start’ below


If you are already registered for online services, you will use your existing username and password. In order to view your medical record, you will need to log onto your account and click


  • Online Account management
  • Manage on-line services
  • Add detailed coded record
  • Add Full clinical record


The practice will receive notification of your request. For existing patients once your medical record has been checked it will be available to view no later than 21 days from your request however new patients registering with the practice this could take 40 days.  When you log on, you will then have the option to view your record. Only you can see this information by using your secure username and password but it will be available to you wherever you have internet access.


The Practice has the right to remove online access to services. This is rarely necessary but may be the best option If you do not use the service responsibly or if there is evidence that access may be harmful to you


How do I start?  

Before you can use the online service you will need to be able to access a PC with a web browser such Internet Explorer and have a connection to the internet.  You must also register with the practice and sign a registration form before you start using the system. Before you sign the registration form you should be happy that you understand what the system does, what your responsibilities are and how your data is stored. When you have had enough time to understand this you should consent by signature and hand the form to your GP receptionist along with a form of photo ID such as a valid passport or drivers licence. A copy will be scanned onto your records for security purposes.


Once you have signed the consent form and your ID verified you will be issued with a username and password that will allow you to access the system from any PC. You must ensure that these details are kept safe and secure and not shared with anyone else.


Any data held by the practice concerning you is subject to the regulations laid down in the Data Protection Act (1998). The consent is between you and Sheringham Medical Practice please also read the following guidance


  • Patient Online Records access patient information leaflet
  • Keeping your online health and Social Care Record safe & secure


This will allow you access to


  • On-Line Appointments 


  • On-Line Prescriptions 


  • On-Line Summary


If you would like Detailed Coded Record Access (DCRA) or Full Record Access you will need to tick the appropriate box. We aim to respond in 21 days.  When you log on, you will then have the option to view your record. Only you can see this information by using your secure username and password but it will be available to you wherever you have internet access.


The practice may not be able to offer online access due to a number of reasons such as concerns that it could cause harm to physical or mental health or where there is reference to third parties. The practice has the right to remove online access to services for anyone that doesn’t use them responsibly.


How do I use the Online Access System?


The online services can be accessed via our website


Go directly to:




or alternatively go to




     Click systmone


At the top of the section there is a useful ‘Help’ facility if you have a problem.


Useful points to note

  • To use the online service you must first obtain a login from Reception
  • Please allow 12 hours for your login to be activated
  • You can only order repeat medication fourteen days or less prior to needing it
  • Only certain types of appointments are available to be booked on-line

If you have any problems with the system please try the online help first but, if the difficulty continues, please ask our admin team



How will other people be prohibited from seeing my records and information?

To access your online services you have to identify yourself with a username and password that only you know. Unless you reveal this information to someone else you will be the only person able to access your online services via system. You may of course, if you wish, choose to share your login details with someone involved directly in your care.


What if I find an error in my medical record or if I see someone else’s medical information?

You should immediately exit from the system and inform the practice staff if

you find any apparent errors or, missing information in your medical records, or if  you see someone else’s medical information.


What if I don’t want to register to use this System?

If you do not want to register to use this system you can still use all the practices’ services exactly as before. Your decision not to register will not affect your treatment or your relationship with your GP practice in anyway.


Can I have access on behalf of my children?

Parents of children 11 years and below can have access to their children’s record online services until their 11th birthday. The access will be automatically disconnected by the clinical system as the child turns 11 after this milestone they will need to re-apply for on-line access and will only be granted access to booking appointments until the child reaches the age of 16 when they can then register and apply for all on-line access.


I care for someone, can I have access on their behalf?

Access to another patient’s records may be granted if they have signed a consent form. A clinician may be required to ensure that the patient is competent to provide such consent.

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